29th July 2010 CHANGE OF ROUTE


We cannot travel through Libya without a 24/7 guide... so are thinking of extending our route around the mediterranean. Small detour! Very excited, however, at the prospect of new countries to cross, especially Turkey, Syria, Lebanon... Can we cycle through Israel without getting a stamp though??




14th July 2010 FIRST BLOG! D-38


Departure day set back to the 21st of August, squeezing in a few more days of locum work to save enough for an extra month of African living.  First big spending spree this past weekend - camping equipment and a generous discount on bikes by Evans cycles - we are the proud owners of two beautiful Ridgeback Voyage as a result! In these last few weeks of hospital work... the thought of the road is sweet.

14th August SEVEN DAYS TO GO


We are stocked with (most of) the bike equipment, camping equipment, spares... (We think) we've got a plan, a budget (we're counting on those cheap falafels)...

I tried to service my own bike today and it stopped making horrible noises and started making good ones: thanks CYTECH, I hope we don't let you down.

Bottom line : SEVEN DAYS TO GO - yikes.