Some numbers…


Africa bears almost a quarter of the global burden of disease but has access to only 3% of the world’s health workers, and less than 1% of the world’s financial resources for health.


In contrast, North America suffers only 10% of the global burden of disease, but receives more than 50% of the world’s financial resources and benefits from 37% of its health workers.


International efforts, from governmental and non-governmental organizations, have been and are still addressing these issues. Ultimately however, a sustainable change will only be made possible through empowering the African nations’ health systems.



The organizations we work with…


OGRA foundation: a Kenyan NGO founded in 2000 initially as a youth development program, now involved in improving healthcare and education, setting up rural healthcare centers, improving hygiene and accessibility to clean water. Through the belief that education is the driving force behind positive change and a direct pathway out of poverty, they are also involved with supporting :


International School of Medicine and Applied Technology (ISMAT): which trains local young people to be clinical officers (equivalent to paramedics or prescribing nurses) and other health care professionals



Through our project, we propose to increase awareness of the shortage of health provisions in Africa and to raise money to help the OGRA foundation and ISMAT in their struggle for improved healthcare and education.